Iberian Ham Señorío de los Pedroches

Our Iberian Ham Accorn is the expertise of the best ham teachers. A unique and exquisite product that has been awarded the most important events of the gastronomic world.

In 2011 Señorio de los Pedroches won the competition for the best Iberian Ham Accorn of the Pedroches, obtaining the Encina de Oro (Gold award).

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  • Denomination of Origin...

    Pure Iberian Bellota Ham is a gourmet product that looks after the health of those who have the pleasure to enjoy it. Thanks to the acorns (Bellota) in the diet, the fat of the Pure Iberian Pig, presents a high level of monounsaturated fatty acids, highlighting the presence of oleic acid, and in a very low percentage, saturated fats so that with consumption it helps maintain  blood lipids levels in safe amounts for cardiovascular health. It helps increase the rate of so-called good cholesterol or HDL, while reducing the atherogenic LDL cholesterol.

    The Iberian Ham is a food that is part of the famous Mediterranean diet and also provides vitamins B6, B1, A, D and E.

    Depending on what feeding is given while raising the pig, the ham is known as bellota (acorn), cebo (food), recebo (top dressing) or campo (from the fields).

    The Denomination of Origin Los Pedroches are chosen by the great ham masters to please all those who want to enjoy the full flavor of a ham that is a reference in the market.. You can find more information about DO Los Pedroches here.

  • Iberian Ham

    Señorio de los Pedroches elaborates the best Iberian Ham of the Valley of the Pedroches. The craft process that each piece of ham follows assures a high quality product . The taste and texture of our Iberian ham is unmistakable. Hundreds of food professionals trust us to serve its customers.

    No doubt , the taste is insured.

  • Iberian Sliced
    Vacuum packed for a better conservation. It includes a slice separator.
  • Iberian Shoulder

    Derived from our best Iberian pigs,bred in the pastures located in the Valley of the Pedroches

  • Iberian Boneless
    Boneless, cleaned and vacuum packed. Easy to store and simple to savor.
Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items