How to buy Iberian ham?

All Iberian hams are deliciousbut not all are equal. When we decided to purchase Iberian ham several variables must be clearInitially we have to distinguish between Iberian ham and serrano ham or prosciutto, in our case we must look on the label that is Iberian breed of pigthe price difference between serrano or prosciutto and Iberian ham also help us distinguish.

We know we want to buy Iberian ham and the next step is to choose among the four varieties areacorn, topdressing, bait and Iberian fieldIt is clear that our budget will directly influence the purchase of Iberian ham and there enters our agility value of finding a balanced product price and quality. The differences between the 4 varieties feeding depends on the Iberian pig feed can be found on the Iberian pig.

New technologies and processes have resulted to increase sales ways of Iberian ham and so we should not buy a Iberian ham liken to buy a leg of Iberian hamSometimes our needs may differ from what a leg of Iberian ham has to offer. It is much more recommended depending on the occasion and consumption, choose to buy a boneless Iberian ham or buy directly Iberian ham sliced ​​by hand or machineThe advantage that both are vacuum packedwe guarantee that the product does not deteriorate or lose qualityThe boning can be served in several pieces for storage in refrigeratorsEvery time you open a packet slicing or boning, will be as if starting a new leg of Iberian ham.
Remember the basic rules:
  • Choose Iberian ham.
  • Select the variety (acorn, topdressingIberian bait or field).
  • Choose the product that best fits your budget.
  • Remember the sliced ​​and boneless can be very helpful.
  • Enjoy your Iberian ham!
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