Types of Iberian pig according to his feeding

As we can see laterthe feeding influences decisively the Iberian ham.

The gestation period of the female Iberian pig is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days, giving birth to piglets of no more than 1.50 kg For this first stagethe pig is fed breast milk to reach 23 kg. At this time, take care that the bone and muscle development and optimal animalstarts eating little energy from feed rich in fiber in addition toThe Iberian pig come during this stage of life up to 104 Kg. At this time the Iberian pig is ready for fattening phase.

According to
 this last phase feeding Iberian pigs may be:
  • Bellota (acorn). Feeding acorns and natural grasses during montanera least 46Kg fatter.
  • Recebo (top dressing). Like the Iberian pigbut failed to reach marked fattening, feeding natural complements think necessaryto make weight.
  • Cebo o campo (bait or field). Feeding natural feed and in the case of field, grazes in the fields during a period of 2 months.
The montanera is the period of time between October and Marchin which the acorn is mature oaksand in which the Iberian pig walks around the pasture feeding on this fruit and moving your muscles.

Alimentación cerdo ibérico

The incidence of food in the unsaturation of intramuscular fat of ham is reflected in the proportion that each type of ham appearing between the amount of oleic acid and linoleic acid (essential fatty acids for the human bodyand linoleic acid (essential fatty acidsomega-3). Activity rates of different treatments, salinity water may reflect differences in the relative proportions of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

The organoleptic characteristics (flavor, color, texture and smell) in meat products are directly influenced by the chemical reactions ofhydrolysis and oxidationMoreover, the flavor and aroma of ham are connected to oxidative suffering ham fatbecause they are the source of the formation of various volatile components. The content of these compounds is highly dependent on the technological conditions that promote the oxidation of fatty acids. Therefore, the chemical composition of the fat plays a significant role in the development of aroma and flavor.

Feeding determine the composition of intramuscular fat from Iberian pigsTherefore, the curing process is different depending on the feeding received by Iberian pigs can be differentiated intobellota (acorn), recebo (topdressing) and cebo (bait).

The Iberian ham flavor is strongly influenced by the fat and free fatty acids in particular. And the differences are based on the fat component responsible for flavor.

In summary, Iberian pork feed influences the intramuscular fat composition ham because of the transformations occurring fat throughout the healing process. This influence is reflected in the relative saturation / unsaturation compared to its complete set of free fatty acidsand the chromatographic profile of the volatile compounds responsible for much of the flavor of the ham.