Denomination of Origin Los Pedroches

The hams and shoulders of our Denomination of Origin Los Pedroches come from Iberian pigs in all its lineages, admitting those animals that have a minimum of 75% of the Iberian breed and a maximum of 25% of the Duroc and Duroc Jersey .

The ham and Iberian shoulders of Los Pedroches have a Denomination of Origin supported and recognized in 1998 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Junta de Andalucía and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain. In 2010 the European Union registered to the DO Los Pedroches in recording Protected Designation of Origin. You can view the brochure by clicking here.

DOP LOs Pedroches

The agency authorized to protect, control and guarantee, with his seal, the quality of Iberian hams and with denomination is the regulatory board, which can be located at its new headquarters in c / Pozoblanco, 3 14440 Villanueva de Córdoba , in Cordoba (Spain). Señorio de los Pedroches de is certified and affiliated to this denomination of origin of Los Pedroches since June 15, 2010. The governing board fulfills the UNE-EN 17020 for the inspection of the pigs in the field and the UNE-EN-45011 certification for the final product. You can get more information on the official website of the Denomination of Origin Los Pedroches.

Features hams and shoulders

Considering feeding that it has received the animal before slaughter, are classified:

Iberian hams and shoulders of Bellota 100% Ibérico (acorn) : Feeding based exclusively on acorns and natural pasture.

Iberian hams and shoulders of Bellota Ibérico: Feeding based exclusively on acorns and natural pasture.

Iberian hams and shoulders of Cebo de Campo 100% Ibérico ó Cebo de Campo Ibérico (75% Raza Ibérica): Feeding in extensive pasturebased on, natural substances and feeds based on cereals and legumes.

Minimum curing of the parts is 12 months for pallets and 18 months for Iberian hams.

The labeling or sealing of Iberian hams of DO Los Pedroches may vary according to their classification:

The characteristics of hams and shouldersat the end of the manufacturing processwill be:

PhysicsForm long, slender, shaped by Serrano cut called 'V'. Keep the hoof for easy identification.


  • Meat taste slightly salty or sweetPleasant aroma and characteristic of this type of product.
  • Colorpink to purple and appearance on cutting fat infiltration in muscle mass.
  • Slightly fibrous texture.
  • Fat bright, whitish-pinkish or yellowish, aromatic and pleasant taste, consistency varies according to the percentage of feed on acorns.